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EuGMS - ECGI Blog submission guidelines

A few tips to make your blog perfect for publishing:


Please submit your text only in English. We understand that English might not be your native language, and will revise the text accordingly

  • Please consider giving your text an interesting title: catchy and concise.

  • Your submitted text should be written in accordance with the proposed blog topics:

    • Geriatric News;

    • Geriatric medicine attractiveness;

    • One day of a life…;

    • Point of view;

    • OR you may suggest a new topic!

  • Your text must be a maximum of 400 words– if you have something more to say – you can make it in several parts.

  • Your text must be submitted via the Google form you find at this link:



  • References can be included in your text but not more than 5.

  • There should be not less than 3 key words (hashtags) included after the text


  • Each submitted text needs an image to be published. In the submission form you will be asked to include the link to a royalty free image. Please select your image from sites such as:, … (Just make sure you are using royalty free images! Otherwise, we will not be able to use them and therefore to publish your text)


  • We encourage you to submit your text along with a very short bio of the author(s), we will be happy to include it in the Blog at the end of your text. If you wish to include a picture of the author(s) as well, please be so kind as to send it to indicating the title of the text you submitted.


By submitting your abstract, you are accepting minor English spelling corrections made by the reviewers.
The decision about the publication will be shared with you via email.
What if your text will not be considerd for publishing? – Do not get upset, we all learn. With the comments from the Editorial you can improve it and try once more!
Good luck!

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