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How to make an Associate Activity at a conference - The story behind the CGA QUIZ - PART 1

Author: Santiago Cotobal Rodeles

Origin/Affiliation: Spain

Hello, my name is Santiago Cotobal Rodeles I’m an early career geriatrician from Spain and also a member of the ECGI chairing with Maria Bonnici the reporters, and the CGA Quiz groups.

Being in the reporter's group has allowed me to attend many congresses related to geriatrics last year of different organizations in Europe and learn many things in a medical way but also from other points of view.

While attending the European Society of Emergency Medicine congress that took place in Lisbon between the 27th and the 31st of October, I attended a lecture that was different from everything that I had seen at a congress before. I remember reading on the program the name of the lecture “THE STADIUM OF SOUND- Ultrasound Gameshow” it was the second day and I had that day attend many really interesting lectures but I was a bit tired so I decide to enter and discover what it was about. When I did, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing 4 people speaking of things really interesting and teaching at a congress but not in costumes and talking with a PowerPoint to the audience. They were doing it wearing short shirts with funny pictures, Cristiano Ronald masks, and making jokes between them and the public. Making everyone laugh and learn at the same time making really interesting questions on a quiz. When the lecture finished, I went to them to thank them and continue my day attending other really interesting lectures.

As reporters later we make a BLOG entrance and Vlog so when I went back to Spain and was getting ready for both of them, I was impressed noticing that of all the really good lectures that I had attended the one that I remember the most about was the US Gameshow and that I still some weeks later was able to remember all the US images and the diagnosis of them. So, I start thinking “what if? “.

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