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Interview with Dr. Mucci

Author/affiliations: Rosalyn Neranartkomol

Foundation Year 1 at Warwick Hospital

Rosalyn: How and why did you decide on specializing in geriatrics?

Dr. Mucci: I did not start out thinking that I will be a geriatrician, I was considering cardiology; however, my clinical supervisor at the time advised me that I should pursue geriatrics as it is easier to get into. I did not fall in love with the specialty until I was in my third year of specialty training, when I met a consultant who inspired me. I would like to make it clear that I am a flexible person and I think that I would love any specialty that I go into, but fortunately, my personality happens to fit geriatric as a specialty very well. I love teaching and I like communicating and I am caring.

Rosalyn: Please can you describe you day – to – day activities as a geriatrician?

Dr. Mucci: My day starts at 7 am in the morning when I get my daughter up to get ready for school and I make sure to drop her off before I come into work at 9am - some mornings are easier than others. I have ward round from 9-12pm where I see new patients, have bedside teaching, and have trainees shadowing me. The second part of my day can be a clinic, this happens twice a week, or other activities. Clinics are interesting due to the diversity of presentation – it can be cardiology, urology, mental health, stroke medicine, old age psychiatry. It could be anything. I also specialize in stroke medicine so during my clinics I may see these subsets of patients. I also received extra learning in old age psychiatry so I can work with this subset of patients as well.

Some days after the ward round I might be engaged in many meetings with managers because these are necessary for building and planning services. Other days I may have meetings with my trainees as I am also a clinical and educational supervisor to trainees and enjoy spending time with them. My recent meetings with a few of my trainees has been very satisfying as they have decided to pursue geriatrics as a specialty!

Please stay tune for the rest of the answer in Part II coming out next month…

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