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The experiences of early career geriatricians throughout Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic



In February to March 2021, we ran a survey among over 700 early career geriatricians. Just when the wave of the Alpha mutation was receding from the UK and hitting hard continental Europe. The survey resulted in a brief report published in the journal European Geriatric Medicine:

We found that a vast majority of the respondents were at the forefront of the care of older adults with COVID-19. Our routine has changed, our private lives were affected profoundly. We were overloaded with worked and experienced anxiety. Our training was slowed down. Despite working in different places, we were in this together. In countries rich and poor, hospitals big and small, locations hot and cold, we share a similar experience. The survey also showed optimistic insights: an increasing acceptance and respect for the specialty of Geriatric Medicine. This was reported from almost 30% of the participants.

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