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Contributor: Rosalyn Neranartkomol M.Sc. in Gerontology

6th Year Medical Student

Origin/affiliation: Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

United States of America

I have always been fascinated by the ways in which technology has improved our lives, for instance, without the advent of computers and the internet this blogpost would not have existed. As such, the ways we live have changed drastically compared to our ancestors, yet we still have not solved many issues around aging; therefore, I became interested in Aging 2.0 and became an ambassador for the Thailand chapter for a short period of time. As a gerontology student who spent time at memory units and skilled nursing facilities, I noticed the need for better technology to assist in senior’s activities of daily living as well as to assist caregivers so that they will have less burnout.

As a former Aging2.0 ambassador, my hope is to inspire innovators to help solve issues around caring for frail elders. Gerontology has taught me that it is not possible to group seniors all together in a lump and create a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, it is better to understand the different needs of seniors at different periods of their lives. There will be time that more assistance is needed and there will be times when assistance is not needed, but I most concerned with keeping seniors happy in their own home and in their own community if possible. I am also interested in how to alleviate the burden of care amongst adult children of frail seniors. I believe that technology and universal design can and will improve our lives and makes it easier for seniors to stay in their home.

At the technology event, I had seen lightbulbs that is used to alert relatives of falls inside the home, and I have seen applications that tries to maximize the resources of an assisted living center. These technological advances bring hope to people who work with and care for seniors. There are many problems that still needs solving in our society and I hope that more people will become inspired by the questions surrounding aging so that there will be more options for families and seniors, whether it is a new form of community living or robots that can assist elders with mobility issues.

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